A mission-driven firm specializing in agribusiness ventures. We are creating a new broader, more robust African agribusiness ecosystem. This we do by running a production farm which is committed to Ghana’s agriculture to model the private sector engages agriculture, a vibrant agriculture educator program, a logistics services to farmers to have effective links to market.

The philosophy of our multiple awards winning formation is premised on its belief in the ideals and potential of the sustainable development paradigm, in raising agriculture in the diaspora to prominence. Our interest is in aspects of late twenty-first century agriculture, which places an emphasis on sustainable development, value chains, entrepreneurship and ‘farming as a business’ which lends support services to entrepreneurs in the valuation and planning of value-added agriculture.


Our vision is to create the Agro Mindset among the next generation of farmers that will grow Africa’s food economy, develop the agribusiness ecosystem and ultimately transform the continent.


Our mission is to be the leader of robust agribusiness models that produce safe, quality, affordable and consistent foodstuffs to our customers in a financially, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.


Our goal is BIG: help people to realize the opportunities and potential that exists in our backyard.


  • Focus on process, not only outcome.
  • Change the game by changing the payoffs.
  • Transform thinking by making possibility the reality.
  • Invest in product by investing in people.
  • Talk less, do more.
  • Think globally and act locally.
  • Be competitive and share knowledge.
  • Prove that farming is a career to be esteemed.
  • Our only competition is who we were yesterday.
  • We don’t believe in losing and we never lose. We either win or learn, but usually both.


David Asare Asiamah – Founder/CEO

David is one of the select few of Ghana’s real farmers and farmerpreneurs. With energy, willingness to learn, human reach and emerging public figure to the next generation of agribusiness, David strongly believes that innovation and creativity are invaluable assets in today’s global economy and that the youth should be allowed to experiment with ideas that have the propensity to change the way we live. Based on the realisation that any line of work that is impact purposed, including the realm of agricultural production and training, is much about behaviour change through acquisition of skills and support in implementation by benefactors, David founded Agro Mindset, a mission-driven firm specializing in agribusiness ventures. The focus of the organisation is to run highly profitable farm-based enterprises with long term growth potential and showcase this know how to young aspiring farmers in an industry relevant manner.

David has been recipient of multiple awards including the FORBES AFRICA 30 under 30 class of 2016, the African Achiever Awards for agriculture excellence, The Future Awards for agriculture, GUBA for recognition of innovation and best practice in corporate sustainability and the Ghana Top 30 Under 30 amongst others. Agro Mindset Farms is winner of Best Poultry in the Afigya Kwabre District of Ghana. He holds an MSc (Agriculture and Development) from the University of Reading, UK. David has an insatiable passion to always outdo his previous accomplishments.


We are investing time, resource and energy to develop 3 new divisions:


Focused on market facilitation via-input procurement, supply distribution modelling and license/franchise opportunities.


Focused on bringing the farm to your technology platforms at anytime, anywhere to learn anything.


Focused on developing a network of entrepreneurs and others with a demonstrated interest in creating a new chapter for agriculture through action.