As an emerging player in the Ghana-based agribusiness space, our humble and tactical beginning has positioned the firm in a sweet spot. We are entering our 8th year of business. Our operating centre of gravity as a firm is our poultry farm, purposed on egg production and a livestock ranch which is growing into a market. We have made strategic business and investment decisions as of September 2015, by acquiring ownership of new 10-acre farm land fully funded from our year 1 earnings, relocating and expanding our operations, developing irrigation and allocating funds for research and development livestock farming.

We are excited about our land investment, new poultry farming facilities and venturing into our 2nd food portfolio. This is a testament to the growing strength of Agro Mindset’s Farm Division, Agro Mindset as an organisation at large and the headway with coming closer to our goal, mission and vision.

In addition to our recent expansion play and venturing into new markets with livestock, we have several divisions in the pipeline we plan to explore, test and launch in the near future outside of Agro Mindset’s Farm Division. 21st century agriculture, places emphasis on sustainable development, value chains and entrepreneurship. Again, we are transforming thinking by making possibility the reality.