Think Tank

Agro Mindset realises the need to put together Ghana’s first Agric focused and research-based policy Think Tank. The need and potential benefits of systematic, continuous high-level engagement of the government is necessary for the kind of influence and impact that we can deliver, including influencing job-creation, post-graduation employment prospects and overall involvement of youth and the private sector in Agriculture.

Most African governments need constant and dedicated advocacy to create and maintain the enabling environment for the successful delivery of sustainable agriculture aims, including ours. This serves as a critical platform beyond the engagement in government policy and delivery potential tangible benefits, for the protection and promotion of our image and brand.

Building a rich culture of research, innovation and practices around our Business and projects, pulling together established and emerging experts together is timely, given that, the value for our organisation in keeping in step with best practice, tailor-made innovate responses to the Ghanaian agri-business needs is reachable.